Exhibitor TandC


New England House Open Studios 2023

  1. The Exhibition fee is to cover costs only and it will provide you with the following:-
    • approx 2mx1m space within the building to sell your work.

    • AOH Brochure placement for the overall show. This will promote the type of work for sale with selected images we think will attract the most visitors.

    • Small number of Flyers to promote to your customers

    • Exhibition Lists for visitors during the show

    • Event decorations and outside lighting to make the building more welcoming after 4pm

    • Website costs and maintenance, which will include your details.

    • Social media coverage running up to the show

    • Reception desk and greeters during the show to greet visitors and provide information on building layout

  2. All Exhibitors must supply information by the required date or they will not be added to the list and cannot be considered for the promotional flyer.

    • Deadline for Flyer and Artist Open House Brochure:  1 OCTOBER 2023

    • Deadline For Website, Social Media and Floor Plan: 1NOVEMBER 2023

  3. Applications will still be accepted after 1 NOVEMBER, but we cannot guarantee that they will be included on the website or floor plan.   Artist's Design time is voluntary.

  4. £55 EARLY BIRD FEE must be paid by 15 SEPTEMBER 2023.   Fees paid after this date WILL be increased to £65.

  5. All Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance and a copy of the policy will be required.

  6. All Exhibitors must be aware of the fire evacuation procedures for themselves and visitors.

  7. Fire exits and escape routes must be kept clear at all times.

  8. Any artwork hung on walls is done so on the condition that any holes made are filled, sanded and painted. Failure to do so will result in the building manager recharging the cost to the responsible tenant or guest artist, where appropriate.

  9. Each floor has a Level Leader during the show, please liaise with this appointed person with any queries.

  10. Artists within a tenant UNIT, please liaise with your unit contact regarding space allocation.
  11. You are responsible for providing you own display table/stand.   Unfortunately, NEH no longer has the supply of tables located in the basement.   If this is difficult for you, let us know and we will see if we can help.  Email us

  12. Chairs are supplied by the Artist.   

  13. For exhibitors allocated space in communal areas,  your own table should not be longer than 6ft long

  14. All signage, decorations and promotional materials must be removed on Sunday, after the event.

  15. Only Blue Tack, Magic Tape or similar low tack products, may be used to stick items to the floor or paintwork. The use of Sello tape or a similar product is prohibited.

  16. Loading bays are to be used for loading and unloading only. No parking is permitted. Once items are unloaded vehicles must be moved.

Details of how to pay. 

Payment is now done via the application form using a bank credit or debit card.

Details on format for your image upload

images are now uploaded via the application form.  However, if you do not provide images at that stage we could still accept them via DropBox.  Email us for details

• 1 MB Size per image, no larger

• JPEG format images only.

• 300 PPI (pixels per inch)

• Landscape size: 2480 pixels (210mm) by 1748 pixels (148mm)

• Portrait sixe: 1748 pixels (148mm) x 1311 pixels (111mm)

• Image File name: MUST include your name, so we can identify which image belongs to which artist.

• e.g. finchceramics001.jpg