Ceramics & Sculpture

Ceramics & Sculpture


Listing of all artists and makers exhibiting this year in the NEH Open Studios


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Angela Evans


Handmade ceramic tiles


Can be found on Floor Level 5


Website: http://www.angelaevans.co.uk/


Contact Angela


Danni Durai


The wire figures Danni makes are designed with relaxing on your shelf in mind. They are made from a single length of wire started with a woven heart. The sculptures are in a variety sizes from small fridge magnets, playful and useful enough to hold a pen, to larger statement pieces. Danni has made figures that await your choice of pose and reindeer just for Christmas. Danni weaves wire in front of the TV in the winter build up to Christmas. The rest of her time is spent painting abstract water colours and supply teaching. She loves designing and making bespoke things for the home.



Can be found on Floor Level 6


Website: www.ddurai.com


Contact Danni


Holly Bell Ceramics


My work is a response to the calm palette and sweeping, curved forms found in the coastal landscape. I use glazes to describe the layers of colour found at the horizon; often experimenting with glaze combinations that overlap and react to create texture and depth in the glazed surface.. I aim to make functional ceramics that are tactile and a pleasure to use. Each piece is handmade using a white stoneware clay and hand glazed, and so each is original.


Can be found on Floor Level 5


Website: http://www.hollybell.co.uk/


Contact Holly

Ken Eardley


Handcrafted pottery, individually designed.


Can be found on Floor Level 5


Website: http://keneardley.com/


Contact Ken



Bird Chatter Potter and Marbeled Vessels.

Christmas decorations and small gifts.


Can be found outside Unit 4 on Floor Level 3


Website: http://www.finchceramics.co.uk


Contact Linda


Rowena Gilbert


Contemporary Ceramics


Can be found on Floor Level 5


Website: www.rowenagilbert.com


Contact Rowena

Saya McNairn-Yanagi


My ceramic work is about conveying a narrative, influenced by the array of mythology from around the world that come in such a colourful array, but in the similarities, connects every culture in entertaining and guiding us.



Can be found in Unit 3, on Floor Level 5


Website: http://www.sayaceramics.com/


Contact Saya




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BN1 4GH, United Kingdom



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