Peter Francis Illustration


Limited edition art prints, cards and gifts of selected illustrated work.


Can be found on Level 5


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Darren Sherwood




Can be found on Floor Level 3


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Danni Durai


The wire figures Danni makes are designed with relaxing on your shelf in mind. They are made from a single length of wire started with a woven heart. The sculptures are in a variety sizes from small fridge magnets, playful and useful enough to hold a pen, to larger statement pieces. Danni has made figures that await your choice of pose and reindeer just for Christmas. Danni weaves wire in front of the TV in the winter build up to Christmas. The rest of her time is spent painting abstract water colours and supply teaching. She loves designing and making bespoke things for the home.



Can be found on Floor Level 6




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Heike Roesel - Brighton Etch


Fine Art Etchings



Can be found on Floor Level 3




Email Heike at Brighton Etch

Made By Jarl


"Made by Jarl's cityscape line drawings are instantly recognisable with a high level of detail and splashes of vibrant colour often highlighting nature within the man-made environment.


All the materials used for the drum lampshades are made in Britain and the durable cotton fabric makes a great canvas for the prints. These lampshades are an ideal gift for anyone who loves the city and are suitable for ceiling pendants, table or floor lamps.


The Fine Bone china mugs are made in Stoke-on-Trent and hand finished with a high quality ceramic transfer. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Commissions for bespoke lampshades or illustrations are also available on request. "


Can be found on Level 5




Contal Ulrika at Made by Jarl


Jo Riddell




Can be found on Floor Level 3




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John Dilnot


Boxes, Paintings, Screen Prints, Books and Cards


Can be found on Level 5




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Liz Schwarz


A Fine Art based selection of work from Jewellery to Paintings.


"What's going on.........My background is in Theatre. Many years ago I trained as an Actor in Dublin, Eire. My first jewellery work developed when I was working in a long run of

‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ in Dublin. I went to Silver Jewellery classes

by day and played Nurse Ratchet by Night. The idea that germinated then was

that each Jewellery piece had a backdrop for display. Time moved on and the

paper backdrops became 3D Front Opening Frames for the Wall with Brooches

inside for Wearable use.


I then moved to Brighton and met a Ceramicist who gave me Masterclasses in

Mould Making and working with Clay. The premise was to pair a sculptural

shape, combined with a wearable jewellery piece. I called them Wearable Art.

My inspiration comes from many sources, particularly from ancient and

prehistoric art. A fascination with worn and cast off objects, finding form in

debris, symbolising mutability in my work.


The other vital ingredient in my practice is colour. I use a vibrant palette of

colours on my ceramic shapes, treating them as canvas which then supports

the wearable jewel adornment.


Today I am doing a Fine Art Degree at Northbrook College. I wish to develop

my artists practice by fusing the magic of theatre with my metalwork, resin and

ceramic work, but now also embracing oils, wood & technology; to sculpt

something new and vital and so creating an uneasy edgy modern practice."


Can be found on Level 3


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James Kuszewski


'Situated amidst the rolling hills of the South Downs, James Kuszewski is a Sussex based visual artist who's portfolio spans from site specific installation to illustrated music videos through to more traditional portraiture.


Currently his work adopts an experimental technique of combining an Indian ink and a vinegar solution with pen and graphite, exploring the idea of ‘Happenings’ that pre-determine the narrative, by using the accidental mark-making of the ink, to trigger an illustrative response. Comparable with the Rorschach Inkblot tests used within psychology, he will often see something within the happenings of the ink, which he'll then begin to draw out further. Or at times he will begin working into the ink with graphite before finding the image with in it. In this sense, letting the narrative come to him.'

James Will be selling a combination of Artwork and Prints as well as handmade Sketchbooks and Greetings Cards.


Can be found on Floor Level 6



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Listing of all artists and makers exhibiting this year in the NEH Open Studios


Scroll below for brief details about their work, location within the building and contact details


If you are looking for a particular artist or maker, please go to the A-Z of Artists

Organic Unknown (a group)


Framed prints of artwork


Can be found in the Foyer on Floor Level 4 (by the lifts)


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Rea Stavropoulos Artist


Rea is an artist known for her strong interpretations of the female body in paintings and drawings, as well as landscapes and seascapes.


Painting all over the world produces finished work and material for new artwork. “Painting outdoors, the sense of my body in space, noting the rhythms and colours of nature, influence my work in the studio with models who are collaborators: strong, creative women with distinct personalities. I aim to express the strength, grace, flexibility and poetical qualities of the body from my perspective as a woman.”


“This is the one time in the year when I open my studio to the general public. I love meeting new people and introducing them to my world. Art for me enhances every aspect of life”. Framed and unframed works, three dimensional works, prints, cards and calendars, limited edition signed artist’s books (copies of which are in the V &A museum and other public collections) and inexpensive loose drawings will be for sale. “I want everyone to have a chance too enjoy my work, whatever their budget”.


Can be found on Level 5




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Can be found on Level 5




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Sam Williams


"Sam Williams is a Brighton based illustrator, printmaker and one half of creative collective Magictorch. Formed in 1999 in a garden shed in Hove and currently situated in the glorious 1960s brutalism of New England House, Magictorch produces bespoke illustration, design and animation for all manner of clients. Whilst more than content with his life as an illustrator Sam has also spent the last few years exploring a more self indulgent path producing screen and giclee prints. The motivation behind his printmaking is a simple desire to make the sort of images he would hang on his own

wall and the opportunity to do whatever springs to mind without any brief or expectation while developing a new style. A childhood spent in the countryside and a love of vintage sci-fi (and chickens) is a driving force behind much of this work, beginning with the imaginatively titled Robot Head - the first in his Rural Science fiction series.

These images depict a world where rockets and robots sit comfortably within - and in some cases are appropriated by - a rural community.


More recently his focus has shifted to a more graphical and slightly Prog Rock sci-fi slant with a set of prints based around the continuing adventures of a lone astronaut, wandering amongst monolithic alien structures.  A return to the countryside is inevitable though, somewhere out there a giant chicken is on the loose!"


Can be found on Level 5




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Sue Haseltine


Sue Haseltine makes beautiful landscape paintings, prints, calendars and cards. She creates work using a variety of media including lino cut, drypoint, painting and mixed media. Her work is heavily influenced by early 20th Century British artists such as Eric Ravillious and Robert Tavener and Edward Bawden. "


Can be found in the Foyer on Floor Level 4 (by the lifts)


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Susie Calvert


"Botanical Ink Illustrations, Terracotta ceramic pots and plates"


Can be found on Level 6


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New England House,

New England Street,

Brighton, East Sussex

BN1 4GH, United Kingdom









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