New England House Open Studios

Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/8/9 December 2018

Tiki by Cécile Gilbert

Handcrafted contemporary resin jewellery

Inspired by the Art Deco movement and Mid-century modern design, Cécile Gilbert has created a range of contemporary jewellery that reflects those qualities, whilst adding a 21st century sophistication.

Her main medium is polyester resin, which she combines with oxidised Sterling silver.

She trained via part time classes in plastics at Brighton art college and silversmithing in Chris Hawkins studio. After years of practise and experimenting, she has developed cutout and recasting techniques, which allows her to play with geometric shapes and motifs.

Tiki offers a wide spectrum of distinctive pieces, from chunky bangles and slim bracelets to striking necklaces, earrings and brooches. All are cast in an eye-catching colour palette and finished to a choice of lustrous gloss or smooth matt.

Location: Level 5 (north), Unit 3, (with  Rowena Gilbert)

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