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Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/8/9 December 2018

Kriya Arts

Following the life of a fictional Brightonian called Esmeralda, Jolie Booth's Saturn Returns series drop into Esmeralda's life at seven year intervals, as she tries to make sense of her existence in a world gone mad.

Jolie Booth was born in Colchester, England, in 1978 and moved to Brighton aged 22 years old after studying English Literature at Nottingham Trent University. She writes books for both adults and children, often blending counterculture reality with outright fantasy. Her first novel, The Girl Who'll Rule the World, sold out it's first edition within a month. Alice Holland of Clitarati described her writing as 'Rich' and 'Idiosyncratic'. Using stream of consciousness, unreliable narrators and broken narratives, Jolie plays with time, form and structure in a playfully post-modernist way, making her prose challenging at first, but then a huge page turner. Her work often raises and dissects issues, politics and ideas from a truly original perspective. But probably the greatest skill is her writing is her ability to flit effortlessly between the comic and tragic masks.

Her novels for adults are The Girl Who'll Rule the World (2016), part one in the Saturn Returns series, which follows a year in the life of a 28 year old woman called Esmeralda, who is living on the hedonistic fringes of society. This is then followed by a sequel called Never Worn (2018), part two in the Saturn Returns series, which drops back into Esmeralda's life at the age of 35 as she's going through her third and final round of IVF; The Meaning of Life (due for publication in 2021), part three in the Saturn Returns series, will follow Esmeralda at the age of 42 as she figures out what the point is to it all.

Location: Level 6

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