Holly Bell Ceramics

New England House Open Studios

Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/8/9 December 2018

Holly Bell Ceramics

Handmade functional ceramics

I make functional stoneware ceramics using a potter’s wheel. My work is a response to the calm palette and sweeping, curved forms found in the coastal landscape. I use glazes to describe the layers of colour found at the horizon; often experimenting with glaze combinations that overlap and react to create texture and depth in the glazed surface. The palette I work with is subtle, but an integral part of my design process. I often use dimples in place of handles, this echoes the shapes of the hills and coastline near my home in Brighton, and also to retain a sense of the clay in its raw state before the firing process has been completed. I aim to make functional ceramics that are tactile and a pleasure to use.

Location: Level 5 (North), Unit 3


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