Heike Roesel Etchings

New England House Open Studios

Fri/Sat/Sun, 7/8/9 December 2018

Heike Roesel Etchings

Imaginative fine art etchings in vibrant colours

Since discovering printmaking during my art foundation course, etching has always been my favourite fine art printmaking technique.

My images could be described as colourful and dynamic  imaginative worlds in their own right. I create those images by mixing together stories and anecdotes with landmarks, shapes, form and colour as much as events of every-day life. Living in Brighton and the landscape surrounding the city are also a constant sources of ideas. With my etchings, I hope to inspire an observers imagination, so that they can discover their own individual ‘story’ in my etchings. I wish to send people's minds on a joyful journey, that finds new aspects in my prints every time they look.

Location: Level 3, Unit 3 (north)

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