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Rea Stavropoulos

8 October 2018  / Artist Feature

We caught up with Rea in her studio this week to find out more about her and her work.   

1.What do you like about your work?

To be an artist is a way of life, it permeates everything I do. At best, my work transforms every moment into something unique and magical. I can express everything I feel and think: joy, sorrow, anger, enthusiasms. Sometimes I get feedback from someone who has been profoundly touched by something that I have made or written and that is an immense privilege.

2.Do you have a daily routine?

No day is the same. At the root of creativity is the ability to look at the world with fresh eyes as you explore and make discoveries, so it is the opposite of “routine”. But you also need to exercise hand, body and mind. I always have a sketchbook with me, drawing, making notes. I have collab-orators who regularly model for me in the studio. Working with a living presence before me is an essential part of my practise, not just drawing or painting the figure, but also the dialogue and ideas that are initiated.

3.What does having a studio mean for you?

It is my “still point” to which I always return - a place where I draw and paint but also just being there generates ideas for my work. Sitting, looking at work in progress, assembling and reassem-bling drawings, paintings, photos, browsing through books on poetry and myth, picking up leaves, fossils, shells, found objects, watering my plants, making tea, listening to music, looking back at photos from past exhibitions and projects, planning, daydreaming, finding connections: the whole process that feeds into new work

4.What do you like about working in NEH?

I work alone in my Unit most of the time, and the building is really quiet so you would never guess that there are 110 studios here. I love the fact that there are so many self employed people and small businesses carrying out an amazing range of activities under one roof. There is a buzz to to the place and a spirit of generosity as we exchange information, advice and a wide range of ob-jects through the internal grapevine. Much of my studio furniture has been provided by fellow tenants!

6.What are you passionate about?

Opening up the doors of perception for others through art, inspiring people to live a full creative life. Campaigning for the recognition of women as artists, both contemporary and in art history.

6. What do you like about the open studios/ opening your studio/ meeting the public?


It’s my end of year celebration, opening my doors to the world. I love the opportunity to meet new people who can see my work in the place where it is produced. I usually put up an exhibition of work for sale on the walls, but it’s also satisfying to show my sketchbooks, photos, work in progress and the things that in-spire the artwork and even discuss individual commissions for new pieces. In my studio I can make my art accessible to all by offering a whole range of cheaper items such as cards, calendars and unframed draw-ings.

7. What’s your favourite place(s) in Brighton?

Sydney Street, a small stretch of road which can satisfy most of my needs: notebooks and coloured inks, books, flowers, cakes, picture framers and cafe life.

8. What do you like about living in Brighton?

The sea air and the light, the proximity to the Downs, the fact that you can walk everywhere, the quirky individual people and having a studio in New England House.

What we like.

Paintings that capture a sense of place and movement.

Where you can see Rea next.......

‘All that I am Capable of Becoming’ - Women of Hampstead

Exhibition at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum 14 November 2018 - 31 March 2019


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