Artist of the Week

Linda Finch

7 November 2018  / Artist Feature

After a brief break, NEH  caught up with Linda this week in her studio, to find out more about her and her work.   

What do you like about your work?

Being able to share my creativity and love of making.   Through the work I am always learning and evolving my skills, techniques and designs.

Do you have a daily routine?

Not really.  I am not a maker full-time therefore I plan my time around other commitments.  Sometimes this means I do not get into the studio as much as I would like, but I am always sketching and thinking about making.

What does having a studio mean for you?

Without my studio I would not be able to work with clay, which requires space, for all the equipment.   But it is not just practical, it is a place to think and create without the distractions that home life can bring.

What do you like about working in NEH?

Love the sense of community and its location.     There is always someone who has an answer to a questions or to give advice and often stuff being given away which  definitely helped kit out the studio.

What are you passionate about?

Learning new things, a love of making in 3D and 2D and a love of film

What do you like about the open studios/ opening your studio/ meeting the public?

It is chance to meet a number of artists and makers working in NEH, who are usually behind closed doors.    But the highlight is meeting people and taking about my work and inspiration.   

What’s your favourite place(s) in Brighton?

At the moment, anywhere there is a #BeMoreSnail.   I am on a mission to complete the SnailSpace Art Trail before the 1st December.    But if asked to narrow it down, the seascape is a big reason I live here, and one specific place along the coast is the Ovingdean Beach Cafe - tea, cake and stroll along the undercliff walk, what is not to love.

8.   What do you like about living in Brighton?

The diversity of people and things to do.   There is always something going on, whether it be music, art, cinema, performance, street entertainment, vintage car rally, you name it is happening here.

What we like.

The diverse range; from quirky pottery that creates a narrative thorugh to pots that cry out to handled, there is always a surprise to be found here.

Where you can see Linda next.......

At NEH Open Studios on 7/8/9 Dec 2018 

For more information view Linda's Artist Profile.

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