Artist Feature

Sue Haseltine -

Printed gifts, cards, prints and paintings inspired by nature

4 December 2019  / Artist Feature

NEH spoke with the Artist, Sue Haseltine this week about Sue's work and participation in the NEH Christmas Open Studios

1. How long have you been involved with NEH open studios?

I first joined the NEH community in 2002 and have been showing on and off since then.

2. Is the experience different from other places where you have shown/ sold your work

It’s a lovely community of artists and I love that I can buy lovely things from other makers too.

3. What inspires your work?

I am inspired by nature, landscape and plants – their colours, shape and tone.

4. What work will you be showing this year? Tell us what you will have for sale.

I will be selling greetings cards, prints, handmade purses, lavender bags, calendars, paintings and art classes.

5. Tell us something about your experience of last year’s open studios - any surprises, discoveries, interesting encounters?

It was lovely to meet my customers and listen to their ideas about how to develop my textiles work.

6. Tell us something about what you have you been doing over the last year?

I have been mainly painting outdoors using oils and acrylics.

7. How does living and working in Brighton affect your work?

I am very inspired by living on the coast and make a lot of work in response to the sea and the cliffs.

8. What do you like about New England House - what makes NEH open studios special?
Neh is a wonderful creative community and it is wonderful to know that so many different creative are working within the same building, it feels like an old style art school sometimes.

9. There are so many exhibitors at NEH, how would you advise visitors to plan their visit.

Start from the top or the bottom and work your way up or down the floors. See everything! There’s so much variety, and if it’s not your cup of tea you can swiftly move on, or linger to spend time with things you like.

For more information view Sue Haseltine's Profile.