Artist Feature

Lancelot Richardson - Original oil paintings, drawings and prints + fantasy illustration

27 November 2019  / Artist Feature

NEH spoke with the Artist, Lancelot Richardson this week about Lancelot's work and participation in the NEH Christmas Open Studios

1. How long have you been involved with NEH open studios?

Last year was my first year exhibiting - although I have turned out as a visitor for the previous two.

2. Is the experience different from other places where you have shown/ sold your work

It feels a lot more relaxed than a gallery show, which I think makes people more willing to chat. The overall atmosphere is has a friendly bustle to it.

3. What inspires your work?

A combination of really enjoying being out in nature, learning about my subject, and just loving to paint and draw. A big part of creating artwork for me is appreciation, as it means I have to look carefully and understand.

4. What work will you be showing this year? Tell us what you will have for sale.

Oil paintings -especially landscapes, as much of my work has been influenced by visiting locations in England and Wales over the last year. I will also have a few drawings and prints.

5. Tell us something about your experience of last year’s open studios - any surprises, discoveries, interesting encounters?

The sheer number of new faces it brought out was a big surprise - and so many worked in creative pursuits, or were enthusiasts about art. It was great to sit and chat with people.

6. Tell us something about what you have you been doing over the last year?

Lots has happened in the last year, but I think being published for the first time was quite exciting! I wrote a set of articles about life drawing and anatomy for Paint and Draw magazine.

7. How does living and working in Brighton affect your work?

Having access to the community of artists around Brighton definitely keeps the creative pot boiling - there is always lots to learn, and cross-pollination of ideas.

8. What do you like about New England House - what makes NEH open studios special?

It is a super diverse selection of creators, all gathered together under one roof. The open studios in particular are fun to explore, as many of the items on sale are unique to the seller, and won’t be found elsewhere.

9. There are so many exhibitors at NEH, how would you advise visitors to plan their visit.

If you have anything in mind that you want to see or buy, try to identify the relevant exhibitors before you start, as it is a big building and you don’t want to miss someone! If you are exploring, check out the entire building first to get an idea of what is on offer, before going back to visit your favourites.

    For more information view Lancelot Richardson's Profile.