Artist Feature

Laura Ryan - Artwork, Gifts, Cards and Stationery

3 November 2019  / Artist Feature

NEH spoke with Laura Ryan this week to find out more about her and her work.  

1.How long have you been involved with NEH open studios? 

This will be my first time! I am very excited to be involved.

2. Is the experience different from other places where you have shown/ sold your work?

I love being nosey and viewing other studios because you can get such an enhanced insight into the working practices of other artists and craftspeople.

3.What inspires your work?
My work combines classical figurative drawing skills with playful use of metaphor and surreal iconography. I seek to explore the lightness and brightness of Being through humour and image making. 

4. What work will you be showing this year? Tell us what you will have for sale.

I’ll have original drawings, paintings, prints, greetings cards and fun affordable christmas gifts for sale.

5. Tell us something about what you have you been doing over the last year? 
I’ve been exploring etching and lino-cut techniques.

6. How does living and working in Brighton affect your work?
London road is a pretty endless source of inspiration with regards to the human experience, although often quite a gritty one.

7.What do you like about New England House  - what makes NEH open studios special?
The rich community of creatives here mean that resources and ideas are regularly shared. Printmakers, interior designers, illustrators, architects and painters make up a rich tapestry of local businesses and independent traders.

8.   There are so many exhibitors at NEH, how would you advise visitors to plan their visit.
I would get the stairs out of the way early and start at the top (come say hi to me on level 6) - then you can enjoy a meander through the building and follow the scent of mulled wine.

    For more information view Laura Ryan' Profile.