Artist of the Week

Heike Roesel

17 November 2018  / Artist Feature

NEH  caught up with Heike this week in her studio, to find out more about her and her work.   

1. What do you like about your work?

I love the journey from idea and drawing to creating the etching plate and printing the image, because it is full of surprises and technical challenges. The final print is a result of a creative process, that has grown and developed alongside my idea.

2. Do you have a daily routine?

My daily routine starts with the ‘office hour’ and most days I will start working in the studio straight after the admin is done.

3. What does having a studio mean for you?

My studio is my creative home. It is were the rest of the world stops and were colour, inks, paper, metal plates, printing presses and imagination rule.

4. What do you like about working in NEH?

Working in NEH means being linked into a creative hub that is both inspirational and  supportive. Many creators and makers from different walks of life cross each others path on a daily base. There is alway someone around in the building who has got what you have just run out off.

5. What are you passionate about?


People, fairness, equal opportunities, art, creativity, colour, inks and printing presses.

And Zumba.


6. What do you like about the open studios/ opening your studio/ meeting the public?


The Christmas Open Studios are a good opportunity to invite the public into our printmaking studio. Even in a tidied-up studio the printmaking equipment is visible and visitors get an idea of what is involved in making fine art etchings. It is also great fun to work together with other makers in the building to organise this event.

7. What’s your favourite place(s) in Brighton?


The beach, the sea, all along. Undoubtably. I am a water baby.

8.   What do you like about living in Brighton?

I like living close to the sea and the Downs at the same time. Strolling through town on a Monday morning when it is quiet lets me appreciate what a positive and welcoming and diverse  places it is.


What we like.

Observation meets imagination.   Heike creates wonderful artwork each with stories to be explored by the viewer's imagination. 

Where you can see Heike next.......

At NEH Open Studios on 7/8/9 Dec 2018 

For more information view Heike's Artist Profile.