Wired Sussex Event on Friday 6 December

27 November 2019// News Article 03/2019

Are you interested in the intersection between art and technology? Come and see how local artists have combined their craft with immersive, interactive and emerging technologies to create fantastically unique experiences.

Arts Driva @ FuseBox was a 6-month residency programme at Brighton-based innovation hub The FuseBox, introducing artists to immersive, interactive and emerging technologies and how they could be used in their ideas, practices and work. As their residency comes to an end, you have the chance to see the projects and experiences they’ve been working on, presented by the artists themselves!

This event is open to everyone and free to attend. All welcome! It will be very informal, so you can drop in any time during the day.

Participating Arts Driva @ FuseBox artists are:

Angie Taylor

A Scattered Mind

Angie Taylor is a sculptor and animator - now working in Virtual Reality. In "A Scattered Mind" she has created a spooky world full of shape-shifting tree-people, which represent the scattered, busy mind of an artist. Angie uses this environment to explore her own struggles and triumphs as an artist living with ADHD and Aspergers. In this spooky but exciting VR piece you can travel around, and inside these huge trees to explore the different worlds that exist inside the branches.

Ella Royer

Socafest: a Caribbean VR dancing game

Ella Royer has created Socafest: a Caribbean VR dancing game which mixes motion capture, VR and music. Pop on a headset to dance at a Caribbean carnival - can you get the highest score by staying in time?

Abbie Stanton

Abbie has been working on a project to bring stop motion into VR using photogrammetry. She is working in conjunction with the Booth Museum to create a bird character and has been experimenting with different ways to play with scale. Along the way, Abbie has used 360 video, papier mache and 3D scanning.

Valerie Furnham

Valerie Furnham has been looking at how VR can be used to alter our perceptions of our self via interactive inputs like the Kinect and integration of moving image into the VR world. Through a mirror image of yourself, fed in through the Kinect, you see your body disappear into an intractable moving image that mirrors your movements. Through this technique, Valerie wishes to create a journey that explores our mental state in relationship to the cycles of the landscape.

Chris Duckers

Chris Duckers has taken his musical skills to the new area of VJing. He's used motion capture of a dancer and applied this to a 3D model in Unity. The character data is sent to Resolume, a live visualisation program, where it is manipulated and affected to expand, embellish and alter the visuals. The result is his music video to 'No Geography' by the Chemical Brothers.

Karen Tilley

Karen Tilley has made a 360 video at the Open Market on London Road. She is working towards adding a narrative thread and has been learning how to film and edit in 360.

The Arts Driva @ FuseBox programme is in partnership with the University of Brighton and is funded by Arts Council England and the European Structural Investment Fund.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions: elizabeth@wiredsussex.com