Simon Mathews

Simon Mathews

Hand-thrown ceramics on a Leach style kick wheel, using my own handmade glazes, and fired using renewably sourced electricity.

I produce works on a Bernard Leach sit-on-wheel powered by my left leg. The clay is flecked stoneware which has iron particles in it that react to the glazes. I make all my glazes using recipes that I test and then modify until I achieve the right effect. The pots are fired in an electric kiln to 1240 degrees Celsius using energy from Green Energy.

My aim is to make pots that are beautiful to look at but which are intended for use. I get my colour inspiration from the sea and the night skies.

I was taught by Richard Cowdrey at BHASVIC and Matthew Bayman at Blackboys. I have shared a studio space in New England House since 1998.
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Location:  Level 5 (north) Unit 3

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