Silver Cloud Art

A compilation of artwork inspired by a non consumeristic ethos using precious and non precious materials to create unique pieces of wearable and non wearable art.

His work is usually textile based working with preloved items, sometimes found or donated. These are bound by the artist's action with a mixture of traditional materials, such as wool, cotton, wire, as well as non traditional objects, packaging, stone, or plastic.

The subject is usually expressed in the form of woven words, pictorial and abstract weavings. The size and scale of the artist's work varies from miniature words and portrait styles, to room installations.

Darrren's work results in urban, emotional and poetic art.
He is always open to personal commissions.

A collaboration of Darren Calder and Natalia Jaffe's
work incorporating their joint ethos of anti-consumerism
by upcycling everyday objects into unique creations.

Jewellery by Natalia Jaffe. My designs are organic in process, handmade from inception, each piece individual in its final form. With a background in ecology, ethics are integral to my creativity, I am thoughtful in my resources – salvaging a gemstone, working with a found beach relic, reclaiming the precious metal.
I offer workshops on developing unused precious jewellery into a new piece, from broken or pre-loved items.

Location: Level 3

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