Sam Williams

Sci-fi Giclee, screen prints, badges and stickers

Sam Williams is a Brighton based illustrator, printmaker and one half of creative collective Magictorch.

Formed in 1999 in a garden shed in Hove and currently situated in the glorious 1960's brutalism of New England House, Magictorch produces bespoke illustration, design and animation for all manner of clients.

Whilst more than content with his life as an illustrator Sam has also spent the last few years exploring a more self indulgent path producing screen and giclee prints.

A childhood spent in the countryside and a love of vintage sci-fi (and chickens) is a driving force behind much of this work, beginning with the imaginatively titled Robot Head - the first in his Rural Science fiction series.

These images depict a world where rockets and robots sit comfortably within - and in some cases are appropriated by - a rural community.

More recently his focus has shifted to a more graphical and slightly Prog Rock sci-fi slant with a set of prints based around the continuing adventures of a lone astronaut, wandering amongst monolithic alien structures. 

A return to the countryside is inevitable though, somewhere out there a giant chicken is on the loose!

Location:  Level 5 (South), Outside Unit 8,

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