Rea Stavropoulos

Paintings, prints, cards and calendars inspired by nature and the female body

Rea’s artwork is inspired by her relationship with the natural world and its cycles: the green spaces of English and Tuscan gardens and landscapes and the blues of Mediterranean islands. She is known for her strong and sensitive use of colour. She also uses sketchbooks/ notebooks from her extensive travels for artworks developed in her studio e.g. recording the jungle and mountains above the clouds in Colombia, the music and dance of Cuba and Brazil. She weaves into these, myths and stories that relate to her perceptions as a woman, her reading and writing and ongoing dialogue with the women who regularly collaborate with her in Brighton: strong women with individual personalities  with whom Rea develops paintings that celebrate their strength and grace.

Rea continues to collaborate with arts organisations in Florence where she had a studio for 16 years. She has exhibited her paintings, artists books and three dimensional works in private and public spaces all over Europe and in  Brazil since 1976. Her practise involves collaborative projects, installations, teaching, lecturing, writing, curating, advocacy and campaigning for women artists. Her work is in private and public collections all over the world, including the V & A’s permanent collection.

Location:  Level 5 (South),  Unit 9

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