Nangle Knits

Nangle Knits

Lovingly handknitted blankets, bed socks, scarves, hats & more.

NangleKnits is me, hand-knitting and hand-sewing soft things to wear and have around your home and bringing comfort and a little bit of uniqueness to every day, at an affordable price. Nice things for all!
I was taught to knit three times before it stuck; once by each grandmother and another time by a friend of the family, all by the time I was eight years old. My grandmother used to call me a ‘Nangle Knit’ when I was small and silly, and making things using the skills she taught me leaves me feeling silly proud.
I sew every stitch by hand, I knit every article by hand. Whether it's a full size blanket that takes a month or a pair of wrist warmers put together in an evening, everything is individually fashioned. Most of what I knit is put together simple stitches, as I like the evenness of it aesthetically and the simplicity it conveys.
Most importantly – everything I make is machine washable. Enjoy.

Commissions taken.

Location: Level 5

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