Marie Murphy Studio

Marie Murphy Studio

Opulent, bold & modern homeware made by small-scale crafts people in the U.K

Marie Murphy Studio produces a homeware range that combines a love of two juxtaposed things - architecture and embroidery. The combination of two very different elements produces a range of fabric and products with exquisite depth and lavishness. Marie is passionate about using the best quality materials for her luxury British made products. This has led her to finding highly skilled crafts people that can produce her products in the U.K. Marie’s studio is located in one of Brighton’s most dynamic and creative workspaces where most of her production happens. Production follows a just-in-time approach that allows Marie to keep waste to a minimum and encourages her customers to be conscientious consumers.

Keen to minimize the environmental impact Marie employs small-scale producers to make the embroidery for her cushions, sheepskin and samples. Her sheepskins come from the last British tannery in the UK, while digitally printed fabric used in the lampshades and cushions is printed using up to date print technologies that minimise the amount of chemical waste produced. A Brighton print specialist prints the Parachute Print Series on archival naturally white photo rag. All packaging and materials are sourced responsibly with the use of cornstarch cello sleeves for prints and recycled packing paper for other products.

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