Lancelot Richardson

Lancelot Richardson

Original oil paintings, drawings and prints + fantasy illustration

My practise revolves around the creation of figurative oil paintings and drawings primarily from life, and use this work to fuel the creation of realistic imaginative pieces, inspired by fantastic themes and appreciation of the natural world. Painting in oils is a joy, as is experimenting with scale, sometimes reducing paintings to less than credit card size.

My imaginative work is produced in oils or digitally painted, as well as drypoint printmaking and good old-fashioned sketchbooking.

Currently I tutor with Draw Brighton, teaching life drawing, and workshops on drawing from imagination. The Drawing from Imagination workshops introduce skills for creating drawings without a direct reference or subject, focusing on constructive drawing and holistic skills that apply across a broad range of styles. Alongside this I paint and work as a freelance fantasy illustrator.

I primarily paint portraits and figures, but also produce landscape and still life paintings, ranging from inexpensive, tiny pieces to larger ones, and alongside this, drawings, prints and fantasy artwork will also be for sale. Other work and studies will be on show in the studio as well.

Location:  Level 3, Unit 7a (With Shelley Morrow)

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