Unique pottery and artwork

Linda has been working as a part-time potter and ceramicist since she graduated from the University of Brighton (Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics).  Linda fell in love with throwing during her 2nd year of the degree and knew immediately that was the direction to follow.  After completing her degree she set about finding a studio and making pottery and in 2013 moved to New England House.

Sketching is large part of Linda's daily routine and while sketching in the garden inspiration came for the Bird Chatter pottery designs.   Each piece is handthrown and features birds 'chatting' on a washing line.     Mugs and other items will be available for sale at the open studios.  

Linda is continuing to exploring ways to incorporate drawing into her work.  One ongoing project is 'Clandestine Sketching' in and around Brighton.   Some new 2D and 3D work based on this will be available to buy at the show.

On a personal development journey Linda is also currently working on a portrait sculpture.

Location: Level 3 (North), Outside Unit 4

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