Angela Evans


Handmade ceramic tiles

Brighton is where Angela went to school and did a degree in Wood Metal Ceramics
and Plastics. She then immersed herself in the lively arts and ceramics community
of Hackney for 8 years before moving back to Sussex.

Her first studio in Brighton was in New England House, from 1998 till 2010.

Angela then moved her studio to a large wooden shed she built in her father’s garden where her fruit and vegetable tiles grow alongside the apples and onions; the
ceramic butterflies, flowers and fish plaques busily evolve by the herbaceous borders; and her amoebae tiles multiply within spitting distance of their mutating brethren in the compost heap.

She is inspired by the location of her workshop in a garden, in a city surrounded by the sea and the downs. Recently Angela has been obsessed by a childhood memory of a clump of tress on a hilltop and has been making a series of tiles based on this image.

Angela loves doing artists in schools projects and is always looking for new
opportunities to continue this collaborative aspect to her work.

This will be the 20th year Angela has be involved in NEH Christmas Open Studios.

Location: Level 5 (North), Unit 3

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Angela Evans Ceramic Tiles

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