Amanda Doughty

Understated Luxury - Contemporary jewellery for men and women.

Amanda celebrates her 25th year in business as a jeweller, designing and making jewellery for both men and women. She started her business in London, based around the Holborn and Hatton Garden area where she developed a reputation for her collection for bold, geometric work.

She grew up close to a new town and was influenced by the mid-century, modernist and brutalist architecture and sculpture around her. This love of contemporary architecture and the everyday urban landscape continues to influence the forms in her work.

She combines different precious metals, using contrasting textures and finishes. Her work is angular, sometimes using repetitive elements, often detailed with precious stones.

Amanda has lived in Brighton and Hove since 2005, using photography, she captures the colours, blue skies of the coastline set against the cityscape. This has influenced the recent introduction and exploration of colour to the collection. She uses semi-precious beads including rubies, amber and lapis lazuli in her signature long necklaces, juxtaposed with hematite and oxidised silver.

Location: Level 5 (North), Unit 11

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